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Who is Licensing Unlocked for?

Brand Owners

Extend your brand with confidence

You’ve created the brand, now it’s time to bring it to life through the power of brand licensing. Embark on this journey with the knowledge you need to license your brand simply and confidently.

Whether it’s understanding the secrets of selecting the perfect manufacturer or learning how navigating the legal landscape, our mentors are here with you every step of the way. 


Elevate your products with brands

Licensing Unlocked will help you decide which brands to partner with, navigate networking in this social industry, grasp financial essentials, and decode brand and IP owner mindsets.

Everything delivered is backed by real-life case studies, providing you with the inspiration for successful licensed products.


Supercharge your efficiency

A licensing deal doesn’t happen overnight. But with our content, you can make sure your clients have the right expectations and know-how to embark on this journey with success.

This ultimate time-saver is the perfect way to bridge the gap between staff, clients and the intricate world of brand licensing. 


Maximize revenue strategically

If you want to tap into the power of fandom and brands to boost revenue, we've got you covered.

Gain the insights you need to team up with brands,  agents and manufacturers like a pro. Easily integrate licensed products and experiences into your strategy and bring your customers the brands they love.

What to expect from Licensing Unlocked

Key learning outcomes

  • Unlock the Essentials
    Master brand licensing key terms, legalities, and the basics. 
  • Craft Contracts
    Understand and craft brand licensing agreements while avoiding pitfalls. 
  • Know Your People
    Identify key stakeholders and learn how to speak their language. 
  • Navigate the Industry
    Understand licensing processes across different sectors.
  • Bring Brands to Life
    Dive into product development and the creative process
  • Crack the Partnership Code 
    Best practices to find the right partner. 
  • Trend Watch
    Learn the latest market trends, product trends, and the future of brand licensing 
  • Start with Confidence 
    Toolbox for building a successful career in brand licensing. 

The Learning Plan

You’ll find masterclass-style modules covering all the essential topics. Each one is split into chapters to make the content digestible and comes with downloadable resource packs for you to refer back to in your own time.

You’ll also get access to panel discussions and interviews with some of the brightest minds in the brand licensing industry.  


The module explores how licensing can benefit businesses and delves into the key players involved in the licensing journey.

Susan Bolsover will unravel the world of licensing and its impact on businesses globally.  


  • The definition of brand licensing 
  • How much is licensing worth?
  • Where does licensing come from?
  • Where is licensing applied?
  • How can licensing help businesses and why might it be right for you?
  • What do licensing agents do?

From understanding a typical licensing agreement's structure to exploring product development, sales, and marketing roles in the licensing process.

You will gain valuable insights to navigate the complexities of the world of brand licensing.


  • What is included in a licensing agreement?
  • Licensing agreement T&Cs
  • What is a royalty rate?
  • What is a minimum gurantee?
  • What is an advance?
  • Royalty reporting requirements
  • The product development process
  • How does the licensor help the licensee to promote and sell products?
  • What to watch out for
  • Licensing in vs. licensing out
  • The licensing lexicon

Starting from the basics, you'll explore the definition of brand licensing from a legal standpoint, the significance of intellectual property, and the various forms it can take.

As the module unfolds, you'll dive further into the specifics of trademark licensing.


  • What can be licensed?
  • Differences between licensing agreements
  • Simplifying licensing agreements
  • Types of licensing agreements
  • The deal memo
  • The use or lose clause
  • The Force Majeure clause
  • Manufacturing clauses
  • Online marketing and sales negotiations
  • Royalty reporting requirements

How can you seamlessly translate a brand's visual identity and the intangibility into a commercially viable, varied, and fresh set of licensed products?

You’ll delve into the full creative process, getting under the skin of a brand’s core identity, learning how to create a style guide for product development and multiple touchpoints like packaging and retail activations.

Covering the perspectives of the brand owner, licensing agent and manufacturer, a panel of industry veterans will each share how to build a brand licensing strategy.

How to decide which partners to work with to make it commercially successful. 

Key lessons they have learnt along the way including what not to do.


  • Starting your brand licensing program: Brand owner
  • In house vs. licensing agents
  • A successful licensing program: A licensees perspective
  • How long is the licensing process
  • Corporate brand licensing, why is it different
  • Advice for a successful licensing career
  • Inspiring brand licensing programs

You will gain valuable insights into the performance of different property types from character to fashion and sport to publishing.

You will understand which licensed product categories are performing best from apparel to toys to pet products.

Finally, you will understand how this differs within each country and region of the world as well as the emerging trends shaping the future of licensing.


  • Regional market trends
  • Property breakdown of the licensing market
  • Licensed product trends
  • Future licensing trends

A journey into the world of brand licensing in action. Exploring sectors, including movies, TV, publishing, gaming, heritage, and food & beverage.

Real-world examples of successful licensing programs. Use the learnings you have gained so far to understand why these examples were so successful and how they could apply to your brands or businesss


  • Movie franchise licensing
  • TV & animation licensing
  • Meseum & heritage licensing
  • Food & beverage licensing
  • Publishing licensing
  • Gaming licensing

Now that you have completed your journey through the other the modules we would like to make sure you know what to do next.

Anna, Amanda, and Maura will guide you through the available resources, events, online content, networking opportunities and advice. At the end of this final module, you will know exactly what to do next and who to ask to guide you to your destination.


  • Building your network in the licensing industry - events
  • How to stay up to date in the licensing industry
  • How Licensing International supports the industry

Downloadable Resources

Each of the 8 modules has a number of resources you can download to help transfer your new skills into action.


  • Licensing Agreements
  • Royalty Reports
  • Industry Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Glossary of Terms

Ask the Experts

The world of licensing is complex, brands, manufacturers, retailers, and agents have unique needs. That's why all users of Licensing Unlocked will get access to "Ask the Expert". 

Post your question to a team of licensing experts, they'll answer and keep you on the path to building your successful brand licensing strategy.

"Licensing Unlocked is a game changer for the industry.  It helps provide those new to the business of licensing with all the tools and inside knowledge they need to get started in their career. It’s also a great resource for businesses looking to onboard new members of staff or for those wanting to learn more about licensing to help them grow and diversify."

Susan Bolsover, MD Lightbulb Licensing

Meet Your Experts

Our brand licensing content is delivered by a team of professionals with over 200 years of combined experience. They’ve worked with the brands you know and your customers love. So, you really are in safe hands.

Veronica Hart

Paramount Consumer Products

Susan Bolsover

Lightbulb Licensing

Andrew Topkins

Brandgenuity LLC

Maura J. Regan

Licensing International

Steve Manners

Licensing International

Amanda Cioletti

Global Licensing Group

Emily Fawcett

Abysse Corp

Esther Jolley

Stobbs, LMCA

Anna Clarke

Global Licensing Group

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